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Satisfied Ad Tapes customers have provided the following testimonials about this cost effective coupon advertising program in Ohio. Ad Tapes cash register receipt coupons have proven to be a success due to high redemption rates that keep the customer coming back.

Amish Door Restaurants
"Whenever we try a new product we try to start small so that we can analyze the product, make changes, etc. We were so happy with Ad Tapes that we not only continued the program, we added our second location to it! I think Ad Tapes is a great, cost effective marketing program."
-Allyson Bussey

Meineke Car Care
"Coupons we run with Ad Tapes have redemptions well over ten times higher than your competition. Hardly a day goes by without one or two customers coming into shop with a coupon from the Ad Tapes program."
-Thomas Suhadolnik

Ad TapesMeineke Car Care Center Coupon
Ad Tapes Amish Door Coupon

Randy's Dover Station
"We have been trying out a lot of different advertising, to get word out and build up our business...We have had more responses from this than any advertising to date. I urge anyone, new or old in their business, to try Ad Tapes out. It really does work."
-Samantha Breining

Ad Tapes Randy's Dover Station Coupon
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